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IT Transformation for enhanced End User & Customer Experience (Part-2)

As consumers the dependence on technology has increased rapidly. In addition, the average UK worker loses over nine days per year due to technological end user issues. 90% of surveyed executives said that end-users struggled with Technology problems that IT had no way of detecting. This also leads users to believe that IT support functions cannot help them. IT are reliant on end users to inform them of an issue that is found via the service desk. IT needs to find solutions to find a proactive way of understanding the digital experience of the end user before they occur or be aware of them when they do occur and not let the user suffer in silence. This is where the Nexthink platform comes into play.

We need to make sure that our technology is singing the right song. It is also critical that the employees are using technology in a focused way to be productive. Ensuring that the management and the management tools are bang on, the sweet spot would be when the Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and employee experiences are green - see the diagram below. An unbalanced dialogue occurs due to a mismatch between the commitments made by IT and the end user's expectations.

Employee experience management or digital experience management has now started to take an equal footing with technology or infrastructure management. ELAs or XLAs (Experience Level Agreements) bring a more holistic view of what’s going on with end users of IT. It is up to IT to provide the ability to augment existing management processes and traditional management tools offerings to hit the experience sweet spot. This will enable IT to deliver from the perspective of the end-user, enhance employee productivity and user satisfaction/experience leading to an overall improvement in productivity.

Digital Employee Experience Management with Nexthink

To understand the digital employee experience Nexthink developed their platform offering. The Nexthink platform is a cloud-based platform with 24/7 availability along with massive scalability. It allows the capture of individual points of view and trend analysis of the end user experience in a proactive way to offer remedial support to IT end users.

The platform provides a continual data capture and improvement management process with the following key component parts:

  1. Measures and manages the complete digital experience from an employee perspective

  2. Proactively identify issues that impact end users precisely and at scale

  3. Anticipates, assesses, and recommends remedial action to pending issues

  4. Automates the remediation of issues

  5. Provides management with Visibility via dashboard on how the end-user experience is trending

  6. Provide a vehicle to have an ongoing fact-based dialogue with the business on end-user IT experience

IQS helps organisations to enhance employee and customer experience through Digital and IT Transformation. We can help you measure, monitor, and enhance your IT end-user and customer experience to deliver on your transformation objectives.

‘We Solve Digital and IT Transformation Problems You Think Can’t Be Solved’

To know more about how we can bring complete IT transformation to enhance IT end-user and customer experience, watch our webinar or connect with us for a free consultation where we can explore your needs. We look forward to hearing from you.



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