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Bridging the Business-IT gap helping you increase business agility, satisfaction, and financial return from your IT investment. 


Imagine the opportunities knowing your business-critical projects and initiatives are on the right track. 

Our Services

IT Transformation

A time-saving service utilising IQS's proprietary IT Function Maturity Model. Within 2 weeks identify opportunities and gaps in your current IT Function.

IT Transformation

Full-service development and execution of technology strategy aligned with business goals and the customer experience. 

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A full suite of offerings to tackle, solution, and deliver complex IT-enabled Digital Transformation programmes. 

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A virtual gamification service where staff can learn about this subject area in a safe experiential learning environment covering areas such as DevOps, breaking down team silos, agility, stability, demand management, measurement through data and dashboards/KPIs.


The training acts as a catalyst to energise teams for change, getting an appreciation of best practices and assess the impact of strategic and tactical plays on business growth and customer experience

What makes IQS Consultancy different?


Business first with a focus on enhancing the customer experience. Solutions tailored for growth.

One to One Service...

Each business has unique needs, our agile structure enables us to give you personalised services. We practice what we preach. 

Partner Ecosystem...

IQS works in partnership with leading IT analytics and service providers. Those partnerships allow us to quickly tackle complex projects to deliver results. 

Hear from our founder and lead consultant Kuldip Sandhu PhD.

Whether an established or start-up organisation, IQS has the experience and track record to help you transform your IT function.

  • Helping organisations make their IT Function more agile and improve the customer experience.

  • Over 26 years of proven digital transformation consulting and CIO advisory service in a variety of sectors, including Higher Education, Local Government, Event Management, and Financial Services

  • IQS's experience with diverse industry sectors has allowed us to execute complex transformations to support business goals and enhance the customer experience. 

  • IQS along with our Partner Ecosystem of data suppliers allow us to solve your IT issues regardless of size and complexity. We have the expertise and the tools you need for effective digital transformation. 

Our clients

What our clients say about IQS.

With over 24+ year’s experience in digital transformation, IQS founder and head consultant Kuldip Sandhu PhD brings executive-level experience advising C-suite and consulting roles.


IQS's proven experience with diverse sectors has shows us what successful organisations look like, and how to execute transformations to support business goals.

Here's is a sample of what our growing portfolio of clients have to say about working with IQS. 


Quickly identify the opportunities and gaps in your IT Function. A critical health check all organisations must do. 

IT Function Assessement

Why an IT Function Assessment?

The IT Function Assessment is a complete and comprehensive review of an organisation's IT function, including people, processes, and underlying technologies.


Utilising IQS' proprietary IT Function Maturity Model, the IT Function Assessment provides a baseline to review the IT needs of the business AND a roadmap to reach desired goals. 

Whether your organisation is in its first steps in their digital transformation journey. OR, have begun the IT Function Assessment gives you the confidence to move forward and avoid expensive roadblocks. 


Complete review of current IT function analysing effectiveness of staff, processes and technology review


Our proprietary IT Function Maturity model allows you to benchmark your IT function with each sector


The IT Function Assessment doesn't just tell you what's happening, it advises and guides you through the next step in your strategy. 


Clear and actionable guidance from the leading independent IT consultant. At the end of the assessment a comprehensive report and briefing. 

Frequently Asked Questions about IT Function Assessments...

Who will benefit from the IT Function Assessment?


Your organisation is growing rapidly or preparing to embark on a digital transformation journey, the IT Function Assessment is the first step in accessing the health of your IT department. Whether an established organisation or start-up firm, an independent IT Function Assessment is a crucial step in your growth and planning process. 


How does it work?

First, book a free exploratory consultation with our Founder & Lead Consultant, Kuldip Sandhu PhD, or send us an inquiry email and we'll contact you. 


The assessment is comprised of 3 phases comprised of Objectives, creating an IT Baseline, and Target and Visioning phases. At the end of the assessment, a comprehensive report and briefing are delivered that describes the IT current state, a list of gaps in the IT capabilities, and a clear roadmap for addressing those gaps.

How long do the assessments take?

IQS's proprietary IT Function Maturity Modelling enables us to quickly and thoroughly perform an assessment that would take other providers months to complete. 


Every business is different and the length of the project can depend on the complexity of the IT department. Because of our experience and dedicated approach, IQS's IT Function Assessment can typically be completed in 2 weeks allowing you to get moving quickly. 

What benefits do I get?

Whether you're completing a general health check of your IT function or you want to embark on a growth or transformation plan, the IT assessment gives you the insights, analytics, and awareness of where your IT strategy stands and what it needs to move forward. 

How much does it cost?

Prices start at 12,000 GBP for clients in Greater London. Pricing is also available for other regions and international clients.  

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Technology Strategy Development

Whether an established organisation or a start-up, our flag-ship product guides you through a strategy that meets business goals and is engineered for the future of your business. 

Tech Strategy Development

Why Technology Strategy Development?

Is your organisation ready for a digital transformation journey? Or is your company experiencing fast grown that requires a new strategy?

Our flagship product offers industry-leading strategy development modelled over decades of Digital Transformation experience. 

Our innovative and proprietary methodology coupled with our Partner Ecosystem ensure your business's IT strategy is prepared to meet the needs of today and ready to secure the growth of tomorrow. 

Flagship Product

A dedicated full-service offering for digital strategy development. From inception to delivery our founder Kuldip Sandhu will guide the strategy development. 

Business First


Our sole aim is to establish a strategy to support your business growth and profitability. 

Customer Focus

If your customer isn't happy, they'll go somewhere else. At IQS, our innovative methodology puts the customer experience at the forefront.  

Experience Leading IT Programmes

With over 24+ years of experience taking the leading organisation through the digital transformation journey. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Technology Strategy  Development.

Who can benefit from Tech Strategy Development?


Whether an established company needing to align their IT Function to business goals OR a start-up experiencing rapid growth, our Tech Strategy Development product is a full-service solution for developing a solid IT strategy. 

Our flagship product is perfect for organisations that need Interim IT Services, are under critical business deadlines that need tangible results fast, or organisations with an IT leadership team that is developing.  


How does it work?

First, book a free consultation with IQS Founder & Lead Consultant, Kuldip Sandhu PhD, or send us an inquiry email and we'll contact you. 

Our flagship product is structured in phases including project mobilisation, baselining, Partner Ecosystem benchmarking, design, and change management. 

How long do the assessments take?

The Technology Strategy Development product is a bespoke service and specific for each organisation. Our proprietary methodology, agile nature, and Partner Ecosystem allow us to move efficiently resulting in a more visible turnover and project journey. 

What benefits do I get?

A bespoke solution is designed to give your organisation a complete IT strategy. From initial mobilisation initiatives to implementation road mapping.  

How much does it cost?

This is a bespoke solution. Contact us to discuss opportunities. 

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Your information will not be shared with anyone. Please see our privacy policy for more info. 

CIO Advisory Services

A full suite of bespoke offerings that tackle, solution and deliver complete IT enabled Digital Transformation programmes. 


Our full-suite of Advisory Services enable digital transformation programmes by aligning the Business' need with the IT Function. 

IT Function Transformation

End to end service resulting in a better IT Function.

Tech Strategy Workshops

Bringing your IT Leadership Team together to move your IT projects forward. ​

IT Service Management

Operational improvements using the 3 pillars of operational excellence


IT Operating Model

Making your IT Function's structure fit for purpose and efficient. 


Digital Transformation (DT) Simulation Training

Experiential Gamification of DT in a learning environment to enable change

IT Skills Assessment

Competence alignment ensuring appropriateness for the organisation. 

IT Sourcing

Advising and execution of IT sourcing deals and suppliers

IT Governance

A structured and rapid way of identifying present and future business demand. 

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Frequently Asked Questions about Advisory Services.

Who can benefit from Advisory Services?

Organisations that need to tackle, solution and deliver complex IT-enabled digital transformation programmes. The full suite of solutions can help organisations get their products on track. 


How does it work?

First, book a free consultation with IQS Founder & Lead Consultant, Kuldip Sandhu PhD, or send us an inquiry email and we'll contact you. During the consultation, your current needs and solutions will be discussed and matched up with our advisory services.  

Advisory services range from solutions with a quick turn around, to complex development projects. We have the experience and solutions to tackle projects of all sizes. 

What benefits do I get?

From solutions that can be applied quickly to more complex organisations, you get services from the leading London-based consultancy. You get the peace of mind knowing your projects are fit for purpose and on the up.

How much does it cost?

We are transparent with our pricing schedules and services start from 5,000GBP per day for Tech Strategy Workshops, while more complex projects are assessed and priced accordingly. 

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IQS is a London based IT Consultancy with over 24 years working with the top global brands and organisations.

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