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At IQS we combine our deep technical insights and sector experience to develop technology strategies that transform the IT function.


Your operations transform from being reactive to a proactive and innovative department that enables the enhancement of the customer experience.


How We Work


We understand the current state through the use of our tailored diagnostic tools that allow us to develop the future state IT vision, strategic technology roadmap and plans for implementation.


We help the organisation transform the IT department, realising tangible business benefits, based upon data-driven recommendations.


World Class Solutions


Utilising industry best practices and the latest innovations in your sector we incorporate tech solutions, defined within your technology strategy and aligned with your Digital Transformation initiative, to enable future growth and efficiency. 


Through our Partner EcosystemIQS can leverage world-class delivery capability to deliver Technology and Organisational Change from inception to business as usual. 

Expert Guidance

The role of the CIO is evolving. The fundamentals of the CIO's focus is shifting away from the provision of infrastructure and networks into driving strategic process improvement and innovation for the business.



The shift is driven by the commoditisation of infrastructure and technology and the increasing credibility of third
party providers for cloud and utility solutions.


IT is effectively perceived as a burden, which left unchanged will limit an organisation’s growth and increase its




Our CIO advisory service is designed to help CIOs look at the big picture.


IQS's experience working with multinational organisations enables CIOs to move forward with incremental changes, building for the future in today’s rapidly evolving environment. It enables proactive change and making insightful decisions.


IQS gives CIO the resource they need to make their operations world-class. 


CIO Advisoy
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The Business and IT Gap

Organisations have been investing heavily in digital transformation to deliver an enhanced customer experience via new business models that are enabled through technology. 


The Problem


Traditionally businesses have also spent many years investing in and using technology, and the general consensus is that returns have been disappointing and that the level performance of corporate technology is inadequate.




To deliver on this agenda requires bridging the gap between the business and IT through the development of digitally enabled technology strategies, governance and prioritisation mechanisms that help organisations implement technology solutions that can make the company more agile and productive while allowing business growth.


The Business vs. IT Perception.

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Digital IT Transformation

Tomorrow's Strategy

The Speed of Innovation


Tech evolves faster than a business can adapt. At the same time, not all tech innovations are right for all businesses.


CIO's and Company Executives need solutions that are proven, data-driven, and designed to be successful for the future growth of the organisation.


Aligned with the Business Needs


IT changes should be driven from the business and be in line with business drivers. However, IT can also drive business change. IT and the business should be partners.




IQS's utilises our experience working with leading global companies to develop strategies where the sole purpose is the growth of the organisation.


We utilise our partners and the latest trends and innovations (as they develop), however, our core expertise is what makes these strategies successful.



Digital IT Strategy

Digital IT Strategy
Digial IT Strategy



IQS along with our partners enable us to solve your IT issues regardless of size and complexity. We have the expertise and the tools you need for effective IT programme management. 

Partner Ecosystem

Achieve Your Goals

Our Change Innovation Lab, developed in partnership with Ascendere empowers your staff at all levels with the right tools for change. 

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Delivery Expertise

Our partnership enables us to deliver business outcomes that accelerate success.

IQS creates the value propositions, roadmaps and plans for delivery execution with Ignitho Technologies. 





Digital Transformation

Our partnership with AXELOS keeps you informed of business and IT agile best practices to ensure that your transformation programmes achieve the desired business outcomes. 


Data Insights

We work with Keyrus and their global resources to develop independent, data-driven, solutions to enhance the customer experience. We examine the best methodologies and incorporate them into your strategy.

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